4 Quick Tips to Fit in a Workout

In my last post I blathered on about how a shift in my priorities changed my relationship with fitness and forever eliminated time as an obstacle to moving my ass. 

This post is going to go over a few of my practical tips for how to fit in some fitness time when you’re a busy lady. 

1. Schedule in Time

When I say schedule in time I mean literally. Don’t just say that you are going to workout Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Get out your calendar and figure out when and where and write it in. Schedule it in like a meeting or any other commitment you would not break. Think of it as an opportunity to treat yourself to time that is all about investing in your betterment. 

2. Prepare The Night Before

Whether you are working out before or after work, at home or at the gym, it is tremendously helpful to get your shit together the night before. 

We all love to find excuses to get out of doing things that are uncomfortable, and that is what working out is, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, so help yourself out by eliminating potential excuses. 

Pack your gym bag the night before and put it by the door. 

If you are working out at home, prep whatever equipment you need and have already set up. 

Pick out your clothes, know what your having for breakfast and have your lunch and snacks ready to go. 

Mornings are difficult and if you are in the beginning stages of establishing a workout routine, being disorganized in the morning could de rail you pretty quick. 

3. Get Your People Involved

Time with your family and friends is super important. No one want their gym time to take away from their social life.  But you don’t have to sacrifice time with your peeps to workout. 

One of my clients has wrangled her kids and husband into working out with her on Wednesday evenings.  It has become a family affair and she already feels it is translating to more outdoor actives on the weekend and her daughter started to get involved in helping her cook. 

You don’t have to cancel your time with your people, you just have to re-strategize how you are spending your time with them. 

The bonus is not only are you improving your health, you get to do it with the people that matter most to you.

4. You Do Not Need to Spend Hours at the Gym

This idea that you need to go to the gym for at least an hour to consider it a workout is complete non sense. Some of the hardest workouts I have ever done were only 30 minutes long.

With the right approach you can get in a great workout session in 20-30 minutes.

Think about it, what is better, not working out at all, or doing a quick 25 minute body weight session at home?

The best workout is always going to be the one you actually get done. 

When you are getting started focus on making fitness a part of your routine by building it into a habit. For that you need to prioritize frequency over session length. 


I hope these little tips help you as they did me!

If you still feel like time is an issue check out Part 1 of this post where I focus on the mindset shift I made that helped me eliminate time as an issue. 

Thank you so much for ready and have a fabulously fit day!