Bridging the Gap: How to Go From Wanting to Move to Actually Doing It

So many people want to move more but wanting and doing are two different things.

So how do we bridge the gap? While there is no one size fits all solution, here is a quick road map to help you build a consistency.

Know Your Reason Why

Everyone starting a movement routine has a reason they feel the need to get started. What is your WHY? Do you want to have an easier time going up a flight of stairs or on walks with your family? Are you dealing with a physical or mental illness and improving your fitness can help you manage better? Maybe you want to be a good example to the little ones in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is all that matters is that you have a powerful WHY and it is clear in your mind.

  • Quick Side Note: Your WHY should not be about weight loss. If your only reason to move more is to reach a number on scale or a pant size, I guarantee you it will not be enough to keep you going long term. We are creating a healthy relationship with movement and starting with the concept that you are not enough because of your size is a terrible place to start. Focus on health and performance!

Plan and Plan Some More

I can not stress this enough! If you are just starting a movement routine you must have a plan. When are you going to move and where are you going to do it. If movement has not been a part of your life for some time you can not expect to just magically start working out twice a week. Look at your schedule and find the time that works for you. Maybe its morning, your lunch break, after work, it is whatever works for you. Put it in your calendar like you would schedule a meeting with your boss (or if you are in the RENEW Program with me your TrueCoach app) and set a reminder. To make it even easier I also recommend prepping your clothes and movement space the night before that way you have one less obstacle to deal with if you feel rushed or overwhelmed.

Create the Right Environment

As most of us are currently working out at home it is important to have a space that feels good and if possible offers you a bit of privacy from a chaotic house. Keep it organized, put up a poster, some motivational quotes, maybe a scented candle. Whatever makes the space a place you want to be can only help you be consistent.

Visual Reminders

While reminders from your calendar and/or app are great, many of my clients find it helpful to have a visual reminder in their movement space. For some it is a physical calendar with their workout scheduled written with bright sharpies others it is a prompt like “Have you moved today?”. The calendar is not only a visual reminder to move but many love looking back at the past few weeks and seeing how much they have done. That visual representation of your accomplishments is great for building and keeping momentum.

Another great visual I love to have in my space is the WHY we spoke about earlier. Put your WHY where you can see it to keep you going on days you might have forgotten why you started in the first place.

Support System

Maybe its personal trainer like me, a workout buddy or your family. Make sure you let people know what you are up to and what you need from them. Want your trainer to check in on you more, let them know. Want your family to stay out of your movement space or clean it up after they are done, have a conversation with them about why it is important to you. When I started I had a friend I would write when I felt discouraged and they would remind me of my WHY and offer words of encouragement. To this day I credit my support system with a large chunk of my success.

I hope this information is useful to you. If you have any questions or other ideas do not hesitate to comment below.

Have a wonderful day!


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