Montreal Seeker of Wellness: Interview with Health Transformation Success Story Geneva Alkaptan


In this interview Geneva and I discuss the reality of weight loss, how to overcome common obstacles and the value of cooking on our health journeys.

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My Unsexy Fitness Tips

My Unsexy Fitness Tips

The fitness industry is full of a lot of flashy trends that promise to help you transform your body. Every time I turn around I feel like I am seeing an article or video touting the benefits of a certain diet or workout, within weeks I am being sold something else. 

It is all quick fix solutions like waist trainers, skinny pops and the countless other products that promise us results with little work. The messaging for these products is always centred around the aesthetic of getting physically smaller with no mention of health benefits.  Therefore is it really any wonder that people don’t know where to start and are distrustful of the fitness industry?

For a long time I searched for the magic trick that would finally help me lose the weight. 

I did finally lose the weight, 110lbs to be exact. I never found the magic trick, and that my friends is because one does not exist. I finally realized I needed to lose weight for my health, not societal beauty standards, and health would require consistency and continual effort, quick fixes will simply not suffice. 

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Ditch the Resolutions & Try This Instead

Ditch the Resolutions & Try This Instead

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but studies show that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after 30 days and only 8% of people will actually accomplish them by year end. 

But you do not have to be a statistic, you have me and my no bullshit advice. 

I believe that the majority of people fail to achieve their new years resolutions because although they enter them with the best intentions they leave out 3 key components to successful goal setting. 

1. Why do you want to accomplish this goal?

2. What consistent actions can you take to help you accomplish your goal?

3. Why Haven’t I Accomplished This Already?

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