Introduction to Kettlebells Course Starting in April!!!!!

In the last year I have fallen in love with Kettlebell training! Kettlebells help you get in an efficient full body low impact workout that you can do with minimal space. Kettlebell training also has benefits like improving coordination, improved core strength, balance, builds muscle, increase range of motion and so much more!

My aim with this course is to teach you the basics so you are confident with this training tool and can incorporate it into your wellness routine. You will be learning together in a group of no more then 8 women, whom you will given the opportunity to get to know and share experiences with at the beginning of each session.

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients that was recently introduced to kettlebell training:

“When Allison first mentioned training with the kettlebell, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure I would ever be coordinated enough, or strong enough. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only was I strong enough, but with practice and Allison’s help, I was able to do many different exercises with it. I love it so much I bought my own kettlebell for at-home training!” – Mellissa

Below is a bit more information. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out!

Have a wonderful day!

Ditch the Resolutions & Find Consistency

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but studies show that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after 30 days and only 8% of people will actually accomplish them by year end. 

But you do not have to be a statistic, you have me and my no bullshit advice. 

I believe that the majority of people fail to achieve their new years resolutions because although they enter them with the best intentions they leave out 3 key components to successful goal setting. 

1. Why do you want to accomplish this goal?

2. What consistent actions can you take to help you accomplish your goal?

3. Why Haven’t I Accomplished This Already?

It is not enough to say we are going to do something. We have to have a clear vision in our head as to why and how we will go about making our goals a reality.  Also, our goal is likely something we have been aware of the need to achieve for a while. Maybe we have even tried and failed in the past. Figuring out why we either did not achieve it or procrastinated on pursuing it is imperative if we want to have success. 

So lets get right into it and break each component down. 


Throughout my 36 years on this beautiful planet I made countless resolutions to get into shape.  My “Whys” were vain and empty reasons like wanting to be thin because I thought I would look and fit in better or because everyone was making resolutions to get healthy in January so why not join in. 

Inevitably I failed by the end of the month.  My “Why” was not strong enough. 

Setting goals and changing long ingrained habits is difficult, if our reason is not one that will push us through difficult moments, I guarantee you that we will quit.  Once I saw the reality of what a lifetime of shitty food choices and sitting on my ass was doing to my physical and mental health, I finally had a “why” that meant something. 

Maybe it is your mobility. Maybe it is your mental health. Maybe you want to model abetter relationship with your body for your kids.

Everyones reasons for making changes are different, all that matters is that the end result of us achieving our goal will have a tangible impact on the most important aspects of our life.  Our health and our people.  We need a “Why” that forces us to make a commitment and not a resolution. 

A commitment driven by a “Why” that has significant impact on the totality of our lives is what  we need to lift our asses out of bed and to the gym at 4:30 am on a cold winter day. 


To figure out “How” we have to start talking goals and not resolutions. Goals require getting specific and making a detailed plan.  Goals require putting in some work before the actual work.  So how do we set goals?

First choose a bigger goal and break it down into 3-4 smaller ones. 


Improve my cardio by May so that I can better keep up with my kids.

That’s a big goal and gives us no directives as to what we need to be doing on a daily basis.  Broken down the above goal would look like this;

1. Exercise a minimum of 45 minutes 3 times per week. 

2. Take the stairs instead of the elvator whenever possible.

3. Write in an accountability journal everyday. 

See the difference?

Broken down your goal now has a measurable plan that will help you create habits through consist actions. 

Plan out your week. Figure out when you are going to work out and put it in your schedule. 

Prep your lunches for the week.

Do whatever you need to do to achieve those smaller goals. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check in with your “How”. Find just a few minutes a day to look over these goals and see if you are on track. If you are not, adjust your plan and move forward.

We have to always keep our “Why” our “How” and know our plan at the forefront of our minds.

Why Haven’t I Accomplished this Already?

The odds are that if you are making a new years resolution you likely have been thinking about this change for quite awhile but have procrastinated on taking action. 

This needs to be addressed. January is not a magic month, it does not make us more likely to succeed. I already showed you that you are actually far more likely to fail.  In all honesty, this step is the hardest part. 

Figuring out a “Why” and “How” are a cakewalk compared to this step because this step requires us to really look at ourselves and make some critiques that don’t  feel so great in the moment. 

When I got to this step about 6 years ago I was having trouble going up a flight of stairs and had difficulty bending over to tie my shoes, I wrote down the following;

I have been neglectful of my body. I have taken my health and mobility for granted. I make excuses because I would rather be comfortable then do something hard.  I have been disrespectful to myself and ultimately my loved ones by not doing enough to take care of myself.  These are the reasons why I have not succeeded in the past. These are the reasons why my health has continued to deteriorate despite my many attempts. “

Even reading this now is hard for me. It is a reminder of the person I used to be, a person I did not like very much. It was the most important step I took because without really looking at myself and my previous actions I believe I would not have been able to carve a new path. 

When I wrote this and read it back to myself I quickly realized that I did not want to be the person I was describing. I didn’t want to be that person for myself, but I really did not want to be that person for my husband and I certainly did not want to be that example to my niece and nephew. 

It was a wake up call. As hard as it was it showed me that the person I wanted to be was the very opposite of the person I had become.  Not only did that help me understand why I had failed in the past so I could do better this time, it reinforced my “ Why” and made it more powerful. 

Getting into shape takes more then what a lot of people are trying to sell to you this month.  Fitness and nutrition plans are useless if you don’t get your head right. 

Take a second before you buy that gym membership. 

Pause before you empty out your fridge and buy a meal replacement in bulk from your Aunt Shirley’s newest MLM scheme.

I am here to tell you that you will get much further along the path of achieving your movement goals this year if you ditch the resolutions, ignore all the people selling you suspiciously easy, unrealistic, expensive and unsustainable solutions. 

Instead take my free advice.

Grab a pen and paper and spend some time with yourself. And think. 

You got yourself here and the keys to change are in your head.

Go find them.  

Bridging the Gap: How to Go From Wanting to Move to Actually Doing It

So many people want to move more but wanting and doing are two different things.

So how do we bridge the gap? While there is no one size fits all solution, here is a quick road map to help you build a consistency.

Know Your Reason Why

Everyone starting a movement routine has a reason they feel the need to get started. What is your WHY? Do you want to have an easier time going up a flight of stairs or on walks with your family? Are you dealing with a physical or mental illness and improving your fitness can help you manage better? Maybe you want to be a good example to the little ones in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is all that matters is that you have a powerful WHY and it is clear in your mind.

  • Quick Side Note: Your WHY should not be about weight loss. If your only reason to move more is to reach a number on scale or a pant size, I guarantee you it will not be enough to keep you going long term. We are creating a healthy relationship with movement and starting with the concept that you are not enough because of your size is a terrible place to start. Focus on health and performance!

Plan and Plan Some More

I can not stress this enough! If you are just starting a movement routine you must have a plan. When are you going to move and where are you going to do it. If movement has not been a part of your life for some time you can not expect to just magically start working out twice a week. Look at your schedule and find the time that works for you. Maybe its morning, your lunch break, after work, it is whatever works for you. Put it in your calendar like you would schedule a meeting with your boss (or if you are in the RENEW Program with me your TrueCoach app) and set a reminder. To make it even easier I also recommend prepping your clothes and movement space the night before that way you have one less obstacle to deal with if you feel rushed or overwhelmed.

Create the Right Environment

As most of us are currently working out at home it is important to have a space that feels good and if possible offers you a bit of privacy from a chaotic house. Keep it organized, put up a poster, some motivational quotes, maybe a scented candle. Whatever makes the space a place you want to be can only help you be consistent.

Visual Reminders

While reminders from your calendar and/or app are great, many of my clients find it helpful to have a visual reminder in their movement space. For some it is a physical calendar with their workout scheduled written with bright sharpies others it is a prompt like “Have you moved today?”. The calendar is not only a visual reminder to move but many love looking back at the past few weeks and seeing how much they have done. That visual representation of your accomplishments is great for building and keeping momentum.

Another great visual I love to have in my space is the WHY we spoke about earlier. Put your WHY where you can see it to keep you going on days you might have forgotten why you started in the first place.

Support System

Maybe its personal trainer like me, a workout buddy or your family. Make sure you let people know what you are up to and what you need from them. Want your trainer to check in on you more, let them know. Want your family to stay out of your movement space or clean it up after they are done, have a conversation with them about why it is important to you. When I started I had a friend I would write when I felt discouraged and they would remind me of my WHY and offer words of encouragement. To this day I credit my support system with a large chunk of my success.

I hope this information is useful to you. If you have any questions or other ideas do not hesitate to comment below.

Have a wonderful day!


A Few Tips for Developing a Consistent Movement Routine

Starting a movement routine isn’t easy. We live busy lives and are surrounded by varying advice and approaches. It can feel more than a little overwhelming. 

I have compiled a few tips myself and some of my long term clients have used as we got started. 

Focus on the Positive

Keep a little journal that tracks how you feel when you get in a workout (you can also use the comments section in the True Coach app:). The most immediate benefits you will notice when you start exercising are an increase in energy, better sleep patterns and an overall better mood due to an increase in endorphins. Tracking these feelings and looking them over when ever you are struggling with whether to workout or not may be the catalyst you need to get yourself moving. 

Habit Stacking

Habit stacking is a strategy you can use to group together small changes into a routine that you follow daily

You likely already have very strong habits and connections that you take for granted. For example, your brain is probably very efficient at remembering to brew your morning cup of coffee or finish the dishes up after dinner, etc. You can take advantage of these strong connections to build new habits.

One of the best ways to build a new habit is to identify a current habit you already do each day and then stack your new behavior on top. For example, when I started working out I scheduled my training time before work as my gym was on the way. I simply shifted my morning routine a little earlier and then stopped at the gym on my way to work. One of my clients added a 10 minute morning stretch to her routine by doing it right after brushing her teeth.  

Adjust Mindset Accordingly

“I get to workout” not “I have to workout” 

We have been conditioned to view exercise as something a kin to a punishment, either for what we ate or for a body that doesn’t fit an “ideal”. The reality is that having the ability and resources to find time for movement is something we should celebrate and be grateful for. Exercise can help us all have a long and full life. I know how much better I feel when I keep my workout routine. I feel less stressed and more energized. Focusing on what exercise brings to the rest of our life rather than how it effects the size of our pants is a great mindset to cultivate a long term consistent routine with fitness. 

Schedule Workouts at the Beginning of the Week.

I schedule my workouts every Sunday evening based on what my week looks like (work, family commitments, ect). Once they are penciled in they do not move. I treat my workouts as any other commitment I make that I would not cancel.

However there is a small caveat…..

Workouts will be moved or cancelled if I feel my body needs rest (excessive soreness, flare up of a joint issue, etc.). Rest and recovery are part of a healthy relationship with movement and should be celebrated as a great choice for your body’s overall fitness. 

If you make that choice note it down, use the time you would have worked out for a good stretch and a warm bath for sore muscles. We will mark it on your apps workout calendar as completed. Recovery is a huge part of working out and should be noted as it shows a healthy relationship with exercise free of guilt and genuine love for your body’s cues 🙂

Side note, if your period cramps are really bad and there is no way you are completing a workout. Try this Yoga for Period Cramps video I swear by!

Be Prepared

If you’re leaving your house for a workout keep your gym bag packed and in a convenient location. If you are rushing in the morning, the last thing you need is to be rushing around trying to get your gym gear together along with everything else.

Something as simple as this helps you eliminate an avoidable obstacle. Plus, the packed bag will serve as a reminder!

If you are working out at home the same principe applies. Lay out your clothes, have your space ready to go 🙂

Put Your Workout Where You Can See It

Make a visual and put it in a place where you can see. Every time you get in a workout give yourself a sticker or something. This could be a calendar or a chart you made. Whatever floats your boat. Just make sure to put it in a place where you walk by it often.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope these tips help you and if you have any others please tell me about them in the comments below!

Have a fabulously fit day!


The RENEW Program

Renew; To begin again or return after an interruption. To give fresh life or strength.

The goal of the RENEW program is to help you get back into or start a consistent routine that fits into your life.  This is not a weight loss program. 

Engaging in a consistent relationship with exercise has many benefits besides weight loss. 

  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved Sleep
  • Energy Gains
  • Confidence and Self Esteem Boost
  • Healthy Bones
  • Better Immune System
  • Improved Mood
  • Increased Strength
  • Cardiovascular Health

At the end of 6 weeks I want you to feel your relationship with exercise is better. Maybe you still wont love working out, but you will see its benefits and no longer have feelings of guilt and/or punishment around your workout routine. 

We too often focus on what our body looks like and not what it can do.  We hate our bodies rather than the expectations others have placed on it.  I don’t want that to be your reality any longer. 

What do you get with the RENEW Program?

Initial Consultation

What is your experience with exercise? How much time do you have to devote to workout? What schedule and movements would best fit your current fitness level and lifestyle demands?

Customized Program 

Based on your initial consultation I will make you a program and training schedule that fits into your life. During a live session I will go over each excercise with you and then send you videos of each exercise along with written cues so you can work on your own. 

Weekly Live Sessions (In Person or Online)

How many times we train together is up to you. During our live sessions I will continue to help you improve your form and even progress exercises if I feel you are ready for a new challenge.  We will also take time to discuss how you feel about the progress you are making and any issues you are having with keeping a consistent routine and your body image. 

Daily Check Ins

I will check in with you via text or messaging apps to see how you are doing, answer questions, provide encouragement and really to just be a sounding board as you embark on this change. How and when we communicate again will be based on your schedule. 


The base program is a minimum of 1 live session per week with a customized program and daily check ins. 

$45 per week for a period of 6 weeks = Total $270

Payment can be made in full or two instalments (Week 1 and Week 4)

Want more than 1 live session per week? We can discuss pricing options together 🙂


I grew up, as many of us did, watching the women in my family complaining about their body, yo-yo dieting, and treating exercise as a chore. Add this into the culture of a new diet on every magazine cover, skinny being ‘in’, and being bombarded about my weight by every doctor I ever saw as a child/teenager, and you’ve started the unhealthy relationship with my body. Three years ago, I was ready to get into a regular routine again and met Alison through a mutual friend. She has been training me throughout getting married, getting pregnant, post-partum, and everything in between. Alison started me on a path of a healthy relationship with food and exercise without negativity, shame, and judgement. This helped me to start appreciating my body and all that is does for me! Since having my son, Henry, it has become a major priority to stop this toxic relationship between food, exercise and my body. That I am showing and passing down healthy and long-lasting habits to Henry is of extreme importance. Alison has listened to me countless times about my struggles, my worries about continuing the toxic cycle and passing it down to Henry and wanting to do everything I can to make sure I create a healthy routine for myself. Here comes Alison in all her glory. She sent me a brand-new questionnaire about my goals, talked me through my time management, made appropriate and attainable goals for me, and checks in on me… daily! When I say that my mind set, priorities and goals are changing because of Alison, I mean it. This woman is an inspiration and shows it every day in the commitment she shows to her clients and herself by showing up every day. Following Alison’s 6-week program has helped me increase the consistency of my workouts, appreciate the time I am able to take to move my body, and enjoy the process along the way. Now, I am not saying I am ‘cured’, but when I need a reminder of why I do this, Alison is there. Whether through her body positive Instagram posts, her check-ins or a training session, Alison will help you focus your mindset back on your goals. Every time someone I know is looking for a trainer, a training program, or even the occasional group class, I ALWAYS recommend Alison. If you are on the fence about contacting her, jump off. Take today to start your journey and work with this amazing woman, you won’t regret it. 

  • Allyssa Hill