Weight Loss, My First Act of Self Love

Weight Loss, My First Act of Self Love

I spent my entire life up until my early thirties overweight and eventually obese. With that body came quite a bit of body shaming. Mostly by kids in the school yard calling me names like fatty or whale. Being an overweight figure skater was also no walk in the park. I was often compared to other girls and just being so blatantly in the minority was a hard thing for a teen girl to deal with. 

However, once I became an adult things changed. No one in university ever critiqued my weight. My family never mentioned it. My friends never said anything. The only real place I felt judged was the mall. The fact I was limited to plus size clothing stores and had a hard time shopping with my thin friends was always a stark reminder that my body was outside the “norm”. Not to mention girls above a size 8 were rarely depicted in media. 

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4 Quick Tips to Fit in a Workout

4 Quick Tips to Fit in a Workout

In my last post I blathered on about how a shift in my priorities changed my relationship with fitness and forever eliminated time as an obstacle to moving my ass. 

This post is going to go over a few of my practical tips for how to fit in some fitness time when you’re a busy lady. 

1. Schedule in Time

When I say schedule in time I mean literally. Don’t just say that you are going to workout Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Get out your calendar and figure out when and where and write it in. Schedule it in like a meeting or any other commitment you would not break. Think of it as an opportunity to treat yourself to time that is all about investing in your betterment. 

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Me & My Battle with Binge Eating

Me & My Battle with Binge Eating

“I don’t want to waste anymore of my life wondering if my body
is acceptable or attractive to other people.”

From a young age till only a few short years ago I was consumed by what others though of my body. This pre occupation lead to eating disorders and me reaching a very unhealthy weight all before the age of 30.

Throughout my weight loss journey I have learned thaw to make fitness part of my routine, I have learned to embrace the body I have but by far the most difficult obstacle I have had to overcome was my relationship with food.

I have always strived to be honest about my health journey however until now I have not been comfortable diving into my long history with binge eating. Recently though I have been confronted with the struggles of my clients have with food and a few moments I myself felt old habits creeping up on me.

For these reasons I think it’s a good time to share the darker part of my journey in the hopes it can help other people. 

So here it goes. 

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When You Don’t Feel Like It, Do It Anyways

When You Don’t Feel Like It, Do It Anyways

If you know only a few things about me, I am fairly confident that one of those things you are aware of is that I dislike running. 

Oh and that I love of bagels…a lot.

But for the sake of this post lets focus on my disdain for running. 

Today the sun was shinning bright and the roads were free of ice for the first time in months. Since Wednesday is a day I dedicate entirely to getting in a nice cardio session I decided to go for an interval run around my neighbourhood. 

I wanted to be outside and that desire beat out the little voice in my head screaming “Running? are you out of your mother trucking mind?”

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How I Ditched Diets and Lost 100lbs

How I Ditched Diets and Lost 100lbs

Men think about sex 19 times a day. I think about food at least twice that. The second I finish breakfast I am thinking about lunch. I absolutely love to eat. 

However, despite my affinity for working out my taste buds I have managed to lose 100lbs all without going near a diet. 

For years I spent January reading articles about the latest diet trends all in the pursuit of the answer that would finally solve my weight issue and ultimately by deep unhappiness with my body and health.  The key was out there I just had to find it. 

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