Allison is an amazing trainer that guides you through your inner journey towards health and wellness. She makes sure that you always have a positive workout experience. She encourages you to do your ultimate best. If I learned one thing from her is that it is okay to have a setback as long as you do not give up. I would highly recommend her.

-Aranija Kathiresu

Working out with Allison is a pleasure! She helped me get back into shape following the birth of my daughter (who also happens to adore her). She develops programs that are accessible (financially and otherwise) and that have a good level of variety! During the pandemic, she went above and beyond the call of duty to check in on her clients and offer support from a distance: integrity and compassion in action. I  highly recommend her to anyone looking to get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle!

-Emma Legault

Allison is a fantastic personal trainer. She helped me in more ways then I thought possible. I went to see her with the sole purpose of loosing weight (which I did), but what really came out of this experience is more then just looking at the scale. She showed me how working out has so many benefits in my day to day tasks/activities. I have more energy and motivation because of her. Allison has a fun spunky personality which always made me look forward to seeing her every week. She knows the struggles and never judges you. I have always felt super comfortable with her. I have lymphedema in my arm, and she was able to adapt to my needs. I highly recommend Allison to anyone who wants to see a positive change in their lives.

-Natalia Borys

Allison is an excellent trainer! She really works with each individual person, their goals, their past and present, and is an amazing support. She has helped me so much in my journey and I always look forward to our sessions. There is never once that I dread having to train with her. She will kick your ass, but make that ass look better than it ever has! I would recommend Allison 100%.

-Allyssa Hill

Amazing personal training services!! Allison provides personalized workouts designed to meet your needs and improve your weaknesses to achieve a better overall well-being. She is able to interpret her client’s abilities and areas to be improves simply by observing. Allison is knowledgeable about the various aspects of fitness as well as the importance of nutrition, and is flexible with creating workouts and scheduling. Would definitely recommend!!

-Sophia Masciotra